Cincinnati Gilbert History

"They don't make 'em like they used to" can never be said of a Cincinnati Gilbert Horizontal Boring Mill. For over a century, proven design concepts have been progressively applied by generations of experienced craftsmen to produce some of the finest machines available to industry.

While the durability of our machines remains legendary, innovations are ongoing. As technologies emerge, Gilbert Horizontals' unique designs incorporate advanced features such as a variety of CNC controls, contouring heads, telemetry probes, pallet changing systems, automatic tool changers and Cincinnati Gilbert's very own wide range of rotary tables.

Looking back... the Cincinnati Gilbert Machine Tool Company remained in the Gilbert family from its founding in 1893 until 1995. In July of that year Reinhold and Eva Petry purchased the company from Charles Gilbert, Jr. Reinhold had been a service engineer for Cincinnati Gilbert in the 60's and 70's prior to opening his own shop in Michigan. He and Eva built a very successful business with the help of fourteen Cincinnati Gilbert HBM's and of course, their own business savvy. When Reinhold learned of Cincinnati Gilbert's availability, his love for the company and his familiarity with the equipment made purchasing the company an easy choice.

Today, the Petrys and their new management staff continue to build a reputation of strength, quality and service. From new technology, to innovative product designs, to the recent introduction of pre-engineered models, Cincinnati Gilbert still bears the standard for Horizontal Boring Mills.

Thousands of Gilbert machines are in operation today. Parts were recently shipped within 24 hours for a 1941 model. Gilbert still services and supplies parts for machines built in the mid 1930's.

Gilbert Horizontals are quite possibly a paragon for Horizontal Boring Mills. Designed rugged enough to handle the biggest jobs, yet built with the accuracy and precision necessary for decades of top performance.